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Paan Masala & Mukhwas

Stock: In Stock Model: IND-DFN-104
Fudco Fennel Seeds  Sugar coated 100g..
Ex Tax:£1.40
Stock: In Stock Model: IND-DFN-105
Fudco Fennel Seeds Sugar coated 375g..
Ex Tax:£2.20
Stock: In Stock Model: IND-DFN-124
Fudco Hiramoti Masala 40g..
Ex Tax:£1.49
Stock: In Stock Model: IND-DFN-113
Fudco Panpasand Sweet 75g..
Ex Tax:£1.35
Stock: In Stock Model: IND-DFN-121
Fudco Roasted Tukda Sopari 100g..
Ex Tax:£2.65
Stock: In Stock Model: IND-DFN-118
Fudco Sopari Cheel Roasted 50g..
Ex Tax:£2.65
Stock: In Stock Model: IND-DFN-117
Fudco Sopari Cheel Unroasted 150g..
Ex Tax:£4.69
Stock: In Stock Model: IND-DFN-119
Fudco Sopari Cheel Unroasted 50g..
Ex Tax:£2.49
Stock: In Stock Model: IND-DFN-128
Fudco Sopari Mongroli 100g..
Ex Tax:£2.59
Stock: In Stock Model: IND-DFN-123
Fudco Tukda Sopari Unroasted 100g..
Ex Tax:£2.59
Stock: In Stock Model: IND-DFN-131
Home Made Style Crispy Mukhwas Coconut 200g..
Ex Tax:£3.99
Stock: In Stock Model: IND-DFN-132
Home Made Style Crispy Mukhwas Gujarati 250g..
Ex Tax:£3.99
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